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Prometheus wax

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Prometheus wax 50ml sample size

Prometheus wax is our most advanced wax, a very high 80+% T1 carnauba and Montan wax infused with si02 ,natural oils and polymers exceptional gloss and clarity with around 4-6 months durability, natural in colour with sandalwood and vanilla scent ,excellent beading and sheeting properties ,very easy on / off ,wax should be applied to clean ,dry decontaminated paint with a panel wipe down to remove any oils first ,wax the whole car with a thin coat then remove with ease with a microfiber cloth .

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Thank you 잘쓰겟습니다

Very good!! Thanks ~ bmd

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Luxury product

I Koreans.
Free shipping, but received the product very quickly.
The product was fine, and the courage was very luxurious and I was satisfied.
I haven't used it yet, so I can't talk about the workability or performance of the product.
However, I bought the products because I heard reviews and comments that were good for the people around me.
I am willing to purchase more later.

BMD Prometheus sample

When you warm the wax up with an damp applicator, it spreads softly. Even at temp 7c, i let it cure for 15 min, applying and removal is so easy with a short pile microfibre cloth. This wax leaves such a beautiful warm gloss. Remember to apply this thin even coat. Scent is fab.carnauba and Montan blend is amazing. Highly recommend! One of the best in there ranges. My new favourite.

BMD Prometheus 50

Superb wax to use, both on application/removal, and results. Solid grainy consistency due to the high carnauba content, but melts easily with hand heat and spreads forever to a thin even coat. Cures in 15 - 30 mins, with non grabby removal to leave great shine with clarity. Smell is very pleasant, but subtle. Highly recommended.