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Prometheus wax 200ml glass jar

Prometheus wax is our most advanced wax, a very high 80+% T1 carnauba and Montan wax infused with si02 ,natural oils and polymers exceptional gloss and clarity with around 4-6 months durability, natural in colour with sandalwood and vanilla scent ,excellent beading and sheeting properties ,very easy on / off ,wax should be applied to clean ,dry decontaminated paint with a panel wipe down to remove any oils first ,wax the whole car with a thin coat then remove with ease with a microfiber cloth .

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lee young jae
Thank you for shipping to Korea.

Thank you for shipping to Korea. have a good day

very very good wax

여태 써본 왁스중 제일 마음에 드는 왁스입니다

Best Wax!!!

o dae go


Dong In Oh
Fantastic and Amazing wax.

First of all, thank you so much for the quick delivery.
I was looking forward to receiving the product day by day, but I am very happy to receive it sooner than I thought.
I am very grateful to BMD family for allowing us to purchase very popular products in Korea at a low price and please continue to release good products.
I'm going to wash my car this weekend and I'm really looking forward to BMD wax.
The COVID-19 virus is causing a lot of trouble around the world, so take care of your health and I hope it's full of good things.

BMD Prometheus 200ml

The prometheus wax is not the cheapest wax on the market but worth every penny. Great gloss, Excellent beading and very easy to use. After a long preparation and perhaps polishing your car it is nice to finish with a quality wax without a lot of hassle.