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Hercules Wax

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Hercules Wax 200ml glass jar

Hercules is our new winter wax ,a fine blend of T1 grade Carnauba wax and Montan wax blended with 2x polymer oils and PTFE .Red in colour with cherry scent ,a hard wax that is easy to apply and remove ,wax the whole car then remove with ease to leave a very glossy and smooth to the touch finish ,perfect for winter months with its great durability and protection of around 4-6 months .

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Stunning Wax all year round for gloss and protection...

This wax with Carnauba wax and Montan and PTFE is amazing, with a nice cherry scent. This one of my favourite wax for protection from BMD WAX, i have all the others in my collection. I use this on family member cars and myself for winter months. I highly recommend good paint prep before applying a wax especially before winter, clay the paint if it's needed, full decon or at least iron fallout, polish or mild abrasive pre wax cleansers, then IPA or Panel wipe down. Apply 2 thin layers of this wax, leave hour or two apart for second coat. 3rd layer month later. Application is easy, wax melts very quick goes on like a butter. Removal with a 280gsm microfibre, then a thicker plush for a final wipe down. You be will surprised, with water behaviour and mostly that gloss for a ptfe wax. Every wash i top up with bmd spray wax, to boost the gloss and protection. Give this wax a try! You will not be disappointed.... It's a special one in my collection.

Masatoshi Wakuda
I was surprised!

It takes some tricks to apply, but the recently finished car looks like a beautiful woman with makeup.
I was convinced that this wax was essential as a dress-up.