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Genesis wax

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Genesis wax  50ml sample size

GENESIS is a carnauba based hybrid wax blended with natural fruit oils and advanced polymers,that will leave a very sharp crisp reflective shine to the paint.

GENESIS is a soft wax light orange in colour and the scent peaches,fantastic beading and sheeting properties, very easy on off.

Can be used on all colours but looks great on all light and high metallic finishes.Durability 3-4 months

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Hybrid wax with a sharp reflection and gloss

I do like hybrid wax, this wax leaves impressive gloss and from an angle side view it leaves sharp reflection. Very easy to apply and remove ,i let it cure 15min before removing it. Looking forward to the rain and see the beading. Highly recommend this wax. Remember good paint prep is the key to applying any wax.

Shaun Wistow
BMD Genesis

Such a lovely wax to use. Easy on & off, gave a lovely glossy finish. Recommended.

Tony Hatcliffe
BMD Genesis sample

With a let up in the weather today managed to DA with M205 and two coats of Genesis. So easy to apply and remove to leave a brilliant finish. The wax is firm and only a light rub with the pad is all that is required to load the pad. Will have to wait for the rain later to see how it reacts. First class product and the sample pot is a work of art. And the wax smells very nice.