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Genesis Wax

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Genesis wax 200ml glass jar 

GENESIS is a carnauba based hybrid wax blended with natural fruit oils and advanced polymers,that will leave a very sharp crisp reflective shine to the paint.

GENESIS is a soft wax light orange in colour and the scent peaches,fantastic beading and sheeting properties, very easy on off.

Can be used on all colours but looks great on all light and high metallic finishes.Durability 3-4 months


Customer Reviews

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BMD Genesis Car Wax 200ml

Genesis Wax is a pleasure to apply to my vehicle. Once buffed it leaves a very glassy finish as well as a very slippery surface to the touch. Water beading is also very good.

BMD Genesis

Used Genesis on my silver Insignia today for the first time. I'm not usually a fan of hybrids but this is a fantastic product. Leaves a really sharp finish, easy on/off and smells lovely. Whats not to like? I think this could well be my go to lsp now. HIGHLY recommended.

Shaun Wistow
BMD Genesis wax

Lovely smelling wax, applies easily & very durable. The only thing that does not like it is the water, whooosh watch it run off, quality.

BMD Genesis wax

Excellent wax and gives a lovely sharp finish.

Ron B
BMD Genesis wax

This is my first purchase of BMD wax. I used it on my 2013 BMW Mineral White metalic 328i Xdrrive. The results were as expected from reading the reviews and comments. The clarity, shine, gloss are second to none. The scent of peaches is very pleasant. Keep up the good work can't wait to order another pot.