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BMD TITAN Graphene 50ml sample

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BMD TITAN Graphene 50ml sample

After more than 2 years in development we are now pleased to present to you in 2022 our most advanced wax to date TITAN Graphene wax

We start with Graphene Nanoplatelets with <3 atomic layers thickness and process this further , high shear and sonication methods are used to exfoliate more single atomic layers of graphene in our master dispersion solution ,from this we can now add it into our TITAN wax increasing ,strength, durability, chemical resistance, slickness and gloss .

TITAN wax is a 80% T1 Carnauba (by wax volume) infused with Graphene and blended with natural fruit oils ,nut oils and 2 advanced polymers .A soft/medium hardness wax ,natural in colour that is a light grey due to the Graphene content ,Pineapple cubes scent, durability around 3-4 months .

Super deep glossy looks with fantastic slickness to the touch, excellent beading and sheeting properties , very easy to apply, a small amount spreads a long way .

A very special wax indeed that should be in you collection .

Wax should be applied to clean ,dry decontaminated paint, wax the whole car with a thin coat then remove with ease with a microfiber cloth .

Customer Reviews

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Victoria Ellison
So easy to get a great result

This must be one of the easiest waxes to get great results with. Very straightforward to apply and so easy to remove with no residue. The paint feels amazingly smooth. A very clear and sharp shine which looks stunning in full sun.



It's easy to wipe off and the gloss is nice.

I like it very much.