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BMD SKULL 200ml Halloween 2023 limited edition

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BMD SKULL 2023 Limited edition 200ml glass jar 
81% T1 carnauba (by wax volume) blended with Montan wax ,4 natural nut and fruit oils ,also 2 types of polymer.
Red colour with a delicate red rose scent .
A medium hardness wax.
Easy application and removal.
Excellent Carnauba gloss and super sharp finish.
Slik to the touch.
Excellent beading and sheeting properties.
Around 3-4 months durability.
Suitable for all paint types and colours.
Limited to only 50 X 200ml glass jars ,each one will have its own number out of /50 .
Never to be made again ,only 50 will ever be produced ,don't miss this one,
it's scary good !

Customer Reviews

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裕介 清水

Easy to construct. The gloss is also good. Is pleased. The only disappointing thing is the water repellency. I would like to create a wax that has high water repellency and long-lasting power.

great wax

A wax that gives off a wonderful sparkle. I was right and lucky to buy 200ml.