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BMD Revolutions (wheel wax) sample

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BMD Revolutions (wheel wax)  50 ml sample

Revolutions is handmade in the Kingdom of Fife ,Scotland ,the same as the rest of our range to very highest of standards .
Revolutions is a high temperature hybrid wax, carefully blended with Carnauba wax ,high temperature synthetic wax,high temperature Montan wax and advanced polymers to create a wheel wax that can stand up to the high temperatures that wheels can reach.
Revolutions is a salmon pink wax in colour and has the scent of fresh raspberries ,very easy on off.
Revolutions will seal and protect your wheels for around 4 months,making them a breeze to keep clean without the use of strong wheel cleaners, a mild shampoo will be all that's needed to keep them looking at their best.
Revolution will not only protect your wheels it will also leave a crisp sharp shine and silky smooth finish on your wheels.

Application of Revolutions is very easy ensure wheels are clean,free of contaminants and dry,apply a thin coat to all 4 wheels then remove with a microfibre cloth ,to leave a sharp shine and silky smooth finish on your wheels .

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幸治 鳴輪


Revolutions (wheel wax) Black Magic

Nicest and easiest wheel wax i've used.I recommend you do iron fallout remover and a deep clean on the alloys before using wax. Application was easy, and so removal. Best bit was the gloss it leaves behind is amazing! Best i've seen, tried so many wheel wax. Look forward to see how it performs this winter and next wash. i will apply a second coat around two weeks later usually i prefer second coat.

Best Car Wax for Shine

Great product used before

BMD Revolutions wheel wax

Like all BMD waxes, this is extremely easy to apply and gives fantastic results and protection. Been a fan of this since it's release and is definitely a key component of my detailing kit