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Atlantis Luxury Shampoo

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Atlantis Luxury Shampoo 500ml

Atlantis is a luxurious car shampoo that won't strip your wax protection layer ,with long lasting bubbles to gently remove dirt and grime and special lubricants to give a very slick feel when washing .Super concentrate with up to 1:1900 dilution ratio.PH neutral .

Yellow in colour and a citrus scent .

                                                   Directions for use:

1. Mix a small amount of Atlantis Shampoo 5 ml - 15 ml with 10 L of water. 
2. Rinse thoroughly then proceed to wash the car with your chosen wash media,sponge or wash mitt
3. When the wash is complete simply rinse with clean water to reveal a shiny clean car.

Customer Reviews

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Barry Drysdale
Best Ever Shampoo

Superb shampoo and unreal that I only needed 2 capfuls for the whole car. Cheers again BMD