With a let up in the weather today managed to DA with M205 and two coats of Genesis. So easy to apply and remove to leave a brilliant finish. The wax is firm and only a light rub with the pad is all that is required to load the pad. Will have to wait for the rain later to see how it reacts. First class product and the sample pot is a work of art. And the wax smells very nice.

Tony Hatcliffe 17/02/2014

Such a lovely wax to use. Easy on & off, gave a lovely glossy finish. Recommended.

Shaun Wistow 19/11/2013

Excellent wax and gives a lovely sharp finish.

slineclean 18/11/2013

Sirius wax is seriously a glorious show wax. It leaves an incredible deep wet gloss that I've not experienced on my car previously (metallic red). It's a great wax for the summer and once again, so easy to apply and buff off. I bought mine in one of the exotic wooden pots so beautifully hand made by BMD themselves which all adds up to a pleasurable experience when waxing the car. Highly recommended.

Kerry Thirkettle 16/11/2013

I bought some samples of BMD waxes. The first I used was Helios. What a lovely wax it is. Smells devine but more importantly it's just so easy to use. Spreads far so no need to overload your applicator and what's more buffs off with ease. No pressure required. The finish it leaves is great and makes my metallic red paintwork really deep and glossy. I like this wax so much I've now bought one of the BMD exotic wooden pots with Helios in it. Great wax and good durability too.

Kerry Thirkettle 16/11/2013

A brilliant wax that's easy to apply, easier to remove and leaves a superb glossy protective finish.

Rob Rae 16/11/2013

Sirius Wax is very easy to apply, it removes with just a light swipe of a microfiber cloth. Sirius provides a stunning wet look with great depth.

Aaron 16/11/2013

After buying Helios and finding it such a lovely wax, I decided to buy a sample pot of Sirius Show wax to try out. Again this wax is such a joy to use and buffs off easily to leave a fantastic deep wet look to the paint. It really makes the flake pop. If you are looking for a Show wax, I highly recommend this one to you. Excellent.

Kerry Thirkettle 16/11/2013

Helios is a lovely wax. One of the best that I have used. Easy on, easy off to leave a gorgeous deep glow to my paintwork. I bought a sample of this wax, liked it so much, bought one of BMD's exotic wooden pots filled with it. That says everything!

Kerry Thirkettle 16/11/2013

Lovely smelling wax, applies easily & very durable. The only thing that does not like it is the water, whooosh watch it run off, quality.

Shaun Wistow 16/11/2013

Used Genesis on my silver Insignia today for the first time. I'm not usually a fan of hybrids but this is a fantastic product. Leaves a really sharp finish, easy on/off and smells lovely. Whats not to like? I think this could well be my go to lsp now. HIGHLY recommended.

Wilco 14/11/2013

Genesis Wax is a pleasure to apply to my vehicle. Once buffed it leaves a very glassy finish as well as a very slippery surface to the touch. Water beading is also very good.

Aaron 14/11/2013