The wait is over Morpheus Luxury Car Wax is here from BMD, the guys at BMD have added this world class wax to their already excellent and much-loved wax range for the detailing enthusiast and professional detailer, Morpheus is a truly outstanding wax and unquestionably the world’s best wax.

worlds best car wax

This UK manufactured product punches well above its weight for cost verses value for money, and this new, 2 year in the making formulation gives an even deeper and longer-lasting shine. Its beading qualities are simply outstanding, and each wax comes boxed in its very own luxury leather case for safe keeping or displaying.

Longevity is also key here boasting a massive 83% carnauba content by volume, this wax will last persistently for months on end. The 83% pure Grade 1 Carnauba Wax offers the ability to out-class other more expensive waxes from some of the market leaders such as the £8000 and £65,000 car waxes. I tested it over a period of months on various vehicles from a family run around ford fiesta to a show stopping Bugatti Veyron, and found that it will last longer than some of the more over marketed brands – which only offer around 43% of Grade 1 Carnauba for the same kind of money. Looking at the beading and sheeting of Morpheus, this wax excels at both of those jobs.

uk car wax manufacture

Another point I liked about Morpheus is that you don’t need to spend hours preparing your bodywork before applying it – as long as the paint work is in reasonable condition and you have used one of the BMD pre wax cleaners, this wax will make your paint work look amazing and give you back that paint flake pop. Of course, the more time spent in prepping or correcting your paint work, it’ll look and last even better.

Application and removal is ultra-easy, as the wax goes on like melting butter, it’s so easy to spread and only a little is needed per panel. Unlike the other manufactures of waxes this can be left to cure for a little longer without the headaches of painful removal. Testing Morpheus I only applied it to 3 panels at a time and left to cure for well over 20 minutes, only to find it was a dream to remove.

bespoke car wax manufacture

Does it justify £119.00? I’d say definitely Yes! The extra will get you so many more applications than a £30 or £40 wax, as a small amount really does go a long way, plus – as I stated earlier – it will last much longer because of the hand crafted, high carnauba wax formulation. If £119.00 sounds expensive for a container of wax to you, consider this; I would say with Morpheus you will get over forty applications, this is easily possible in my eyes – that’s around 7.5 years’ worth of wax! Even if you apply 2 coats of wax per time, that’s still over 3 years of wax per jar.

I also like the fact that the glass jar has a good feel and weight to it and wouldn’t look out of place on show in the home or in a Ferrari garage, the products looks unarguably expensively packaged and is fully backed with the support from BMD should you need further application support.

bmd luxury car wax re-sellers welcome

Verdict: 10/10

Morpheus By BMD gets a big thumbs-up from me and I really can’t see how they’d improve on this wax for their next creation, and should rightly own the title of the best car wax in the world!