BMD Lazarus / Lazarus Hybrid Review

BMD Lazarus / Lazarus Hybrid Review

I recently ordered both the BMD Lazarus Carnauba Top Up Spray Wax and BMD Lazarus (Hybrid) Carnauba / PTFE Top up Spray Wax.

I decided to test them side by side on my bonnet and used Hybrid solely, on the roof.

First of all I started with Lazarus Carnauba Too Up Spray Wax on the drivers side of the bonnet. The car had been washed and dried as normal so I was using this on a dry car. Instructions say this can be used on a wet car too.

Two or three sprays of the adjustable spray head, was all that was required. Using a clean MF cloth, I spread it around the drivers side of the bonnet. It smells of coconut, which smells lovely and transports you back to some tropical beach, swinging in a hammock, under a palm tree. Using a second clean MF cloth I then buffed up the bonnet to leave an impressive shine.

Onto the passenger side of the bonnet I applied Lazarus (Hybrid) Carnauba / PTFE Spray wax. Again two or three sprays of the adjustable head and the product was spread over the panel with another clean MF cloth. Hybrid smells of pineapple and again, the scent wafts through the air as you use it, which for me, adds to the pleasure of using a product and detailing in general. Using another clean MF cloth, the panel was buffed up to yet also leave another impressive shine and nice reflections.

Neither of the products left any smears, which is always beneficial when using a QD. The temperature was 5C which could have caused issues but it didn't on this occasion.

After using the products I did a little research and found that both products will both last around 4 weeks when beading has slackened off but has still got some protection left. It would be easy to top up again when you next wash the car and particularly worth noting is that it can be used as part of your process when drying the car, which makes it a versatile product.

Hybrid is said to have the faster sheeting whereas Lazarus has a slower more complete sheeting with both beading qualities around the same.

I did a small video trying to show sheeting of both the products using a small bottle of water. It did show both beaded the same.

I will update this thread with photos / videos of the sheeting / beading as it progresses.

In conclusion, both these products are nice to use with no issues with application. No dragging. No smearing. Just good, straightforward ease of use. As you will see in the photos, the shine and reflections on the bonnet are impressive. I would highly recommend both this products. Certainly no discernible difference in their use ability. Both are a pleasure to use.

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