Wheel Wax the Ultimate Protection

Wheel Wax the Ultimate Protection

Yet another excellent handmade, uk manufactured wax product from the creators at BMD. The best wheel wax I’ve ever had the chance to use!

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Revolutions is a high temperature hybrid wheel wax, and you can really tell that BMD have not skimped on quality ingredients with this product and you will see this not only with the packaging but also when applying it. TIP: When it says ‘spread thinly’ on the instructions, it means it! I applied a thin layer to one alloy wheel at a time, and left it for the recommended 8-10 minutes to cure, I came back to the wheel after the instructed time and the dry wax was a dream to remove with a soft clean microfibre cloth, it removes just like the rest of the BMD waxes I have used.

Revolutions wheel wax gave my alloy wheels an extremely deep gloss and wet looking shine. In fact I was astounded by just how good it was. It’s one of those products that really needs to be seen and used, to be believed when it comes to results time. It’ll last a good 4 months or more if you use the BMD Atlantis Car Shampoo for cleaning afterwards, having Revolutions applied to your wheels makes a painful job a more enjoyable one. Watching the water bead from the wheels as well as the body work is very therapeutic.

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Starting from £20.00 it’s a great buy, in this instance you really do get what you pay for. This is one wax that will not disappoint and a must have for that serious detailer! Verdict: 10/10 Well worth the price. A very high quality wheel wax which gives a high quality finish.