Shampoo From a Wax Creator?

Shampoo From a Wax Creator?

Black Magic Luxury Car Shampoo works alongside all BMD’s luxury UK manufactured waxes, quick detailer and pre-wax cleaners, to ensure, it not only gives a good deep wash but also doesn’t impair the longevity of any high quality wax previously applied to paint work, glass protection, or exterior trim treatment. Stephen, the creator of BMD car care, states that the luxury shampoo range “produces a high-foam content which breaks the bond between the dirt film and bodywork… minimising surface abrasion”. In my words, it’ll safely clean and leave a great shine and gloss whilst slip ingredients reduce the chance of scratching over a high street purchased car shampoo.

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The first thing I always do when receiving a product to test is to smell it. It’s just a force of habit. The luxury shampoo doesn’t disappoint and scores a full 10 in this area, it rewards you with a very pleasant scent of your choosing, which becomes even more apparent when mixed into a bucket of warm water. While it’s not the be-all and end-all, it just makes the job of washing your car that little bit more enjoyable. BMD recommend 1or 2 caps full for light dirt, and 2 or 3 if it’s heavier. Just like there waxes a 500ml bottle will last you years, 1 bottle can make at least over a 1000ltr of ready to use wash formula!!

The luxury shampoo itself has a lovely thick texture, and adding it into the bucket as it fills with warm water quickly sees thick foaming luxury suds, and although I have seen other shampoos that foam up well, but never as much as this, as I also tested brands such as Zymol, Mitchell and King and Swissvax that barely give out any suds but still clean well and gently too, but the BMD suds are something else.

My test car was a late 2014 BMW 123d twin turbo, which previously had BMD pre wax cleaner and Morpheus car wax applied to it a few months before. The dirt build-up was from weeks of school runs and daily commuting, and also grime from a few good motorway drives, and there were areas with water-marks too from a heavy rainfall earlier that day. From the moment we used the lambs wool wash mitt from CarPro, the mitt slipped across the bodywork beautifully and effortlessly, and it feels more slick and lubricated than the majority of shampoos i’ve used before. It’s almost a silky feel, and this made washing the dirt off the BMW a supremely easy task, cutting through it with very little apparent effort.

Rinsing away the suds and then drying the bodywork with a microfibre madness microfibre drying towel – which is highly absorbent and built for the task – it was obvious there was no stubborn water-marks to remove and any previous were also ridden of, impressive stuff. The paint work itself was back to having a deep warm glow to it, and the luxury shampoo seemed to have brought the water beading and sheeting quality back to an just waxed state.

Price-wise, we know its not the cheapest on the detailing market, but this world class shampoo is one of the very best shampoos you will ever buy. The extra few pounds for this over a high street shampoo, is well worth it, and should give you peace of mind knowing you own one of the worlds best car shampoos hand crafted and manufactured in the UK.

In short, the car shampoo is a real pleasure to use, and the quality of the product is obvious. Luxury shampoo only contains a small amount of gloss enhances and a tiny amount of rinse aid to combat water marking, so this is a shampoo suited to every car that has no previous protection or has had a wax previously applied, or that have new paint work. BMD shampoo does its job of washing off dirt and grime well, and I couldn’t fail to be impressed by how quickly and easily it works.