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Solstice show wax 200
Solstice show wax 200Solstice show wax 200Solstice show wax 200Solstice show wax 200Solstice show wax 200Solstice show wax 200Solstice show wax 200

Solstice summer 2020 Limited edition show wax 200ml sample size,a soft oily show wax natural in colour with a caramel latte scent ,a show wax that will spread forever and remove with ease to leave a deep wet glossy look and sharp clarity for the flake to pop ,durability is around 2-3 months .

55% Carnauba wax by wax volume blended with montan wax and micro wax ,with 3 different fruit and nut oils and 2 types of polymers go into Solstice wax.

We have a limited run of 50 ,200ml size waxes ,each wax will carry its own number out of 50 ,never to be made again ,one not to be missed .

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How to apply

Black Magic Wax should only be applied by hand. For best results, it should be applied to freshly cleansed paint that is cool and dry as thinly and evenly as possible using a foam applicator pad ,apply the wax to the whole car. The resulting film should then be buffed off using a few soft microfibre cloths


Bespoke Car Wax

We can make a bespoke blend to meet your own desired specification including colour of wax, scent of the wax type of look ,deep wet gloss or reflective high shine and as the only wax manufacturer in the world that hand make our own wax and luxury wax containers you can also have a bespoke luxury wax container made from your choice of wood and design ,no other wax manufacturer in the world can offer a service quite like this ,only from Black Magic Detail.

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