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Lazarus (hybrid) spray wax

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Lazarus is our carnauba (PTFE) top up spray wax .
Used to extend the life of our waxes by reviving the gloss ,beading,sheeting and protective
properties of the wax and leaving your vehicle with that freshly waxed look.
Specially formulated for ease of use.

White in colour and with a summer berry scent .

Great on all colours of paint .

                          directions for use

Shake well before use. 
Lazarus can be use on wet or dry vehicles .
Simply spray over a panel at a time ,spread around with a microfibre cloth or applicator 
then remove with a soft dry microfibre cloth until panel is dry.
Continue this method around your vehicle .

Customer Reviews

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Stunning Spray Wax to Boost gloss and Protection, after every wash to maintain that wax......

i recommend this spray wax after every maintenance wash too boost gloss and protection, works well with Hercules wax and of course other BMD waxes. I enjoy using this during Spring, Autumn and Winter months after every wash yes of course you can use all year round. Using two cloth method. One cloth to apply wax and spread the wax, a light mist on the paint and on the microfibre, let it haze 20 seconds. Then with a second microfibre cloth buff off to high gloss. Can be applied on alloy wheels a bonus. Gloss, Protection, and beads....

Jaewoo Lee

Awesome LSP

SunKeun Lee

Lazarus (hybrid) spray wax

Kim seungwook
It's very safe and well received.

It was well packed without being damaged.
But I received the shipment without trigger.
It's not that important, but it's my first order and I'm a little sad that I came from far away
So I want to take out a star, but I won't. ^^

wonseok CHOI
good!!! very good!!!!!

Fast delivery accurate delivery
Very good packaging condition!! Safe packaging condition!!
I can't wait to wash my car now~~~