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BMD SKULL Special HALLOWEEN 2023 Limited edition

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                   BMD SKULL 2023 Limited edition ,Special SKULL container

The special Skull container stands 200mm tall and holds around 180ml of wax ,a stunning container for this years Halloween Special ,one for all wax collectors.handmade aluminium billet lid with CNC engraving finishes it off perfectly .

81% T1 carnauba (by wax volume) blended with Montan wax ,4 natural nut and fruit oils ,also 2 types of polymer.

Red colour with a delicate red rose scent .

A medium hardness wax.

Easy application and removal.

Excellent Carnauba gloss and super sharp finish.
Slik to the touch.

Excellent beading and sheeting properties.

Around 3-4 months durability.

Suitable for all paint types and colours.

Limited to only 10 ,each one will have its own number out of /10 .

Never to be made again ,only 10 will ever be produced ,don't miss this one,

it's scary good !

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