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BMD 10th Anniversary show wax sample

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BMD 10th Anniversary show wax 50ml sample .

After 10 years of Black Magic Detail we are proud to present you with our 10th year Anniversary show wax.

75% T1 carnauba (by wax volume) blended with 2 other waxes and 3 fruit + nut natural oils and 3 different advanced polymers .

A soft show wax with natural colour and a fresh mint menthol scent .

With gloss levels that can only be described as stunning deep wet gloss, that will show every curve of your vehicle , also fantastic beading and slickness to the touch .

A small amount of wax will spread a long way and will remove with ease.

Durability is around 2-3 months .


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BMD 10th Anniversary show wax sample

Luxury product

I Koreans.
Free shipping, but received the product very quickly.
The product was fine, and the courage was very luxurious and I was satisfied.
I haven't used it yet, so I can't talk about the workability or performance of the product.
However, I bought the products because I heard reviews and comments that were good for the people around me.
I am willing to purchase more later.