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Welcome to BMD, I am the only person to work on your car, so I can guarantee the highest standards will always be met. I only work on one car at a time so I can fully focus all my attention on one car at a time without distraction. We are specialists in paint correction and protection, something that all cars can benefit from paint correction takes many hours to complete and I work very long days to ensure you get your car back as soon as possible as i know how inconvenient it can be without your car.

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The home of handmade luxury car wax, all our luxury car waxes are handmade right here at BMD along with our luxury exotic wood containers all created in the kingdom of fife scotland.
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Hi All ,we had this very nice new BMW M4 in for a new car protection detail ,options were discussed with the customer and Max Protect was the choice of protection for his new pride and joy ,a single stage of polishing was also requested to maximise the finish before the coatings ,megs 205 on a 3M finishing pad was used (sorry but no pics of the wash and decontamination process ) which left us with a very nice finish. Read the Full Story On Detailing World
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Mark Johns
I would like to take this opportunity to say that the quality of service offered by BMD Detailing, our first contact over a year ago has been highly impressive. Every aspect of your service has been beyond reproach and you have always been courteous, polite and reliable....