High quality wax compared to the price. It's a good wager that shows great results.

Duyoung Lee 05/12/2017

My favorite wax BMD SIRIUS (DARK EDITION). Highly recommended.

Duyoung Lee 05/12/2017

Very easy wax to use, spreads really far and doesnt grab when you buff it off and it cures really fast! But let your pot warm up a bit in the sun first though so it goes on the applicator easier :) 1 layer gave a very nice deep gloss finish on my black metallic paintwork on top of a pre wax cleanser and a glaze. You can also see the flake, it certainly doesnt mute it! Great beading too

OvEr_KiLL 11/03/2016

Morpheus... what can I say - coming from Definitive Wax to BMD / Black Magic Detail I had extremely high expectations. Morpheus being the flagship Wax - It's absolutely fantastic! It's probably, no actually it's DEFINITELY the easiest wax to apply and remove/buff off. You can apply to the entire car and then effortlessly buff to the DEEPEST, DARKEST, GLOSSIEST.. WETTEST finish you have ever seen! It has similar depth to SIRIUS Dark Edition which is BMD's dedicated Show Wax. It's worth every penny: The water behaviour and beading is very tall and extremely tight: so far the durability has been brilliant. I'm extremely happy.. having gone for a bespoke Morpheus Armani-Code blend luminous yellow in colour and a bespoke custom engraved BMD Walnut Piston. This is on par with SIRIUS which is my favourite wax by far.

Drazen 07/12/2015

Well this was first wax i bought. Layered on a BMW M5 and wow. What gloss it gave and great protection. Amazing wax, easy to apply over whole car before leaving and then removing.

Peter Davies 29/11/2015

I was recommended this by a few friends as I was looking for a high gloss finish for my new car. So easy on and off with fantastic beading results and a supremely glossy finish. Had mine customised with a coconut scent and often find myself wanting to just have a little taste - its addictive! :)

Karlos 04/05/2015

Like all BMD waxes, this is extremely easy to apply and gives fantastic results and protection. Been a fan of this since it's release and is definitely a key component of my detailing kit

Karlos 04/05/2015

I think SIRIUS have very Oilly & Grossy Refleation. I think SIRIUS DARK EDITION is Amazing & Fantastic LSP.​ Now I do not doubt because the SIRIUS is really good product for Black Color I'm linked Blog that review with Pictures. http://blog.naver.com/gumgaya/220289093250

Namgyu.RYU 05/03/2015

Like all BMD waxes, very easy on & off, smells great. Gives a lovely wet finish, great for summer months & shows.

Shaun Wistow 15/01/2015

great wax to use,easy to both apply & remove leaving a stunning deep very glossy finish

kev g 27/12/2014

This is my first purchase of BMD wax. I used it on my 2013 BMW Mineral White metalic 328i Xdrrive. The results were as expected from reading the reviews and comments. The clarity, shine, gloss are second to none. The scent of peaches is very pleasant. Keep up the good work can't wait to order another pot.

Ron B 17/12/2014

Bought a few samples of BMD waxes and used Sirius for the first time recently, lovely smell to the wax, effortless apllication and even easier removal, no buffing just a wipe away with a nice microfibre which left a great wet gloss finish, top marks

Wayne Foden 23/11/2014

Morpheus wax provides a very high clarity shine and deep glossy look, with excellent flex pop up. This wax is very well priced for the quality of finish and protection provided, extremely easy to apply and take off, and a little really does go a long way! Even the sample pot will last you years! Follow this up with Atlantis luxury car shampoo and you have a fantastic finish and shine to your car that will last for months! All of this backed up with the amazing standard of service provided by BMD and you have got a winning formula, highly recommended.

Ryan Dowie 05/11/2014

First use of Taurus today and may I say what a pleasure to use it is! Perfect consistency, firmish but spreads fantastically well. Curing time of around 5 minutes in warm conditions, followed by effortless removal. I cant comment on longevity yet obviously but for ease of use this is an absolutely cracking product . BMD waxes don't come better than this one!

Wilco 23/04/2014

With a let up in the weather today managed to DA with M205 and two coats of Genesis. So easy to apply and remove to leave a brilliant finish. The wax is firm and only a light rub with the pad is all that is required to load the pad. Will have to wait for the rain later to see how it reacts. First class product and the sample pot is a work of art. And the wax smells very nice.

Tony Hatcliffe 17/02/2014